Snippet: Vices in Cosplay?

Her: “why do you take pics of people w/weapons and cigarrettes and stuff?”
Me: “Because they are depicting the character they’re portraying as accurately as they can. Deadpool has guns and swords, as do a lot of other characters, some characters smoke and drink and have bad habits and they choose to be in character. Kind of the point of cosplay.”
Her: “Well why do they pick such loser chaeracters then?”
Me: “For the same reason you’re asking me dumbassed questions, it’s fun for them and apparently you.”
Her: “why be rude dude?”
Me: “I wondered the same thing when you started taking about loser stuff, figured if that’s how you treat people it’s how you think you deserve to be treated. Golden rule and all that.”
Her: “dick!”
Me: No. Tim, says so right next to the stuff I type, handy, huh?”
Her: ” 凸(`д´)凸 ”
Me: “Oh wow, I’m number 1 with you twice! I’m blushing!”
Her: “you prick!”
Me: “If you prick me, do I not bleed? If you tickle me, do I not laugh? And if you annoy me, shall I not repay in kind?”

Her next sentiment isn’t suitable for all ages, so we’ll just call it a table flip.

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