Snippet: Grumpy Old Bastard? Moi?

Her: “How does your wife put up with a grumpy old bastard like you?”
Me: “We laugh a lot together, 33 years and we still have things to laugh about. I’m occasionally grumpy, but generally only when confronted with some form of boneheadedness. My first instinct is to discuss, and when I feel the sound waves of my own voice bouncing back to me from a mass of solid bone, I figure they are no longer worth reasonable and shift to having fun with them. The secret about my temper is that I can be grumpy, most people that think they’ve seen me mad have only seen me irritated, and when I get mad, there will be no mistaking it. But, for all of that, I spend more time smiling than frowning, more time laughing than grumping, and most people haven’t seen more than a faint trace of my temper.”

© 2020, Tim Boothby. All rights reserved.

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