Chat Snippet: “Sexy Boudoir Shoot”

I have a lot of random conversations through the interwebs, here’s a piece of one.

Her: “I had a woman that wanted a ‘sexy boudoir shoot’ but I had to tuen her down because she had a left sided masectomy and only has one breast and theres no way I could make her look sexy like that.”
Me: “There are times that I wish I lived near where some of you idiots are turning down gigs like this, you had a chance to do something amazing and screwed the pooch because you can’t wrap your head around the larger story here. She survived something traumatic and all you can visualize is scars. Lose my contact info.”

I’m all for people taking the clients that they want to, but seriously, why be a jerk about it? There’s a photographer for everyone out there, and if you find one that doesn’t fit, keep looking!

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By Tim Boothby

Curious about just about everything and occasionally irascible. Disabled veteran, retired from the US Air Force. I work as a photographer specializing in events such as conventions, weddings, group photo shoots, head shots, and just about anything involving people. I also dabble in writing, fantasy and occasionally science fiction, but I'm not necessarily shy about sharing opinions and philosophy about the world around us.

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