(R) or (D) isn’t a choice, it’s a lack of options

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Well, apparently we’ve survived another bout of the affliction that strikes this country on even numbered years, the election cycle. Elections are wonderful, democracy in action, exercise of free will. Well, in theory anyway. The partisan element added to it gives it a disturbing twist, like a disease that flares up regularly. Perhaps the best image for partisan politics is a poo fight in the monkey cage in the zoo.

Ok, maybe that’s offensive, but I’m sure the monkeys will survive the comparison.

One of my favorite things to do is wander bookshops, Boise is a college town so there are a lot of used book stores tucked away here and there and I’ve found some really interesting things in them over the years. I was on the lookout for a few books by Daniel V. Gallery, a retired admiral that writes some great old school military humor, Cap’n Fatso being one of them. In the process of looking I stumbled across their political book section, it was enough to make your hair bleed. There were easily a dozen different books dating back to the previous administration’s kerfluffle over encounters involving oral gratification.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all in favor of oral gratification and I think if there was a lot more of it the world would be a better place, but entire books written about the aforementioned incident some breaking down the nuances of the stories told in tedious detail was idiocy practiced at its highest form. I’m firmly convinced if you put an equal number of the people that wrote about this from each political perspective in a room together they’d irrelevant each other out of existence.

Among the many problems I have with partisan politics in this country is that they enable each other to ensure that we have no real diversity of thought in government. Think about it, George W. Bush is by no stretch of the imagination a great leader, like everyone else he has his moments because nobody can suck fulltime, but still, if you listen to the cons spoken of him then he’s a world class idiot. So my question is, if he’s such an idiot why has nothing seemed to stop his agenda? Look at the numbers, especially for the last 2 years, everything that’s considered a Bush agenda item was passed with votes from both parties.

We’re all familiar with the laundry list of complaints, Iraq, Patriot Act, FISA, loading the supreme court with politicized conservative justices, et cetera and so forth and so on ad nauseam. But look at the votes that made every single one of these things (and dozens of others possible) they all had votes from the (D) side of the aisle, and since 2006 they wouldn’t have even been voted on unless pushed by the (D) side of the aisle. They make a lot of noise about being two different entities, but the problem is that all of them feed at the same trough and are fed from the same feed sacks.

Personally I’m a registered (I), but how much good does that do when I’m continually stuck with one or the other side of the same coin? This isn’t choice, fish or chicken is a choice, fried or baked ham isn’t, especially if I’m just not in the mood for pork. I know there are some variances between who is filling the troughs, it comes out that about half feed equally and each party has dibs on contributors that fill the other half of their prospective side of the trough, but the main point being is that the interests represented by those filling the trough aren’t ours.

The two party system is a scam, we need at least two more parties to force the powers that be to actually cater to us, the nobodies that actually cast the votes. If there is no money in partisan politics then why are people willing to spend more than a hundred times the salary of an office to win it? Then once they’re elected who gets repaid? Its not the voters that register (R) or (D) or (I), we only voted and votes don’t spend, they have to pay back the people filling the troughs. So, until we add a few more parties we’re going to be stuck with the same spinning coin. Heads we build a bridge to nowhere for Stevens, tails its contracts for Murtha’s district, and its Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac all the way around, step right up! The payoff wheel spins round and round, as do the talking heads, the reporters, the professional apologists. The politicians all vote for the same things in this game, it’s all a matter of who’s turn it is to take the blame.

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