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All and Sundry and Labels

I tend not to join things very often, mainly because not too many (if any) organizations have opinions that I can support across the board.

Part of the problem with group labels is that there’s a modern tendency to lump everyone associated (even remotely) with everything that anyone (even remotely) associated with a group says or does. Not all Christians/Muslims are trying to impose their religion on the rest of the world, not all feminists are man-haters, not all pro-choicers favor abortion, not all pro-lifers want to picket or blow up clinics, and the list goes on and gets really blatant when we start looking at political parties.

The implied (all) is something I think needs to go. “(All) [insert name of group here] are [insert label here]” or “(All) [insert name of group here] want to [insert action here]” are a couple of the templates of labeling, because not (All) of anything believes in everything, and quite frankly some that join groups are their own special little bag of issues all to themselves.

Hitler was a vegetarian, big deal not all vegetarians are Hitler.

Lumping people together under the birds-of-a-feather philosophy used to have a name, it was called prejudice. Prejudice used to be seen as something to oppose, now it seems that many feel that the only forms of prejudice to oppose are those that they don’t hold themselves.

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Curious about just about everything and occasionally irascible. Disabled veteran, retired from the US Air Force. I work as a photographer specializing in events such as conventions, weddings, group photo shoots, head shots, and just about anything involving people. I also dabble in writing, fantasy and occasionally science fiction, but I'm not necessarily shy about sharing opinions and philosophy about the world around us.

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