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The Realm World…

The roots of the Realm World stretch back to 1978, I had to write several short stories for a composition class and at the same time my interest in role-play games was exploding, so I started writing about and gaming in the same world, and over time the two fed each other until many short stories became the inspiration for a book (or few hopefully). World building came in leaps and bounds, work would get in the way and weeks or months would pass before I had the time to do anything else with it, and then I’d bury myself in it. This can get really frustrating because I’d sit down the next time I could invest some serious work into the project and find that many concepts didn’t line up back and forth between new and old material, so I’d spend my next available period of time making it all fit together. I have small mountains of information, and as I write I find something that doesn’t mesh and stop what I’m doing and fix that, and then have to go back and make sure what I made fit blends in with the work as a whole. Its a fascinating project because some of my best ideas have come from smoothing the seams and edges so everything joins together.

It wouldn’t be unreasonable to call me a design zealot, I’m fascinated with the concept of world building and I’ve spent more hours, days and weeks than I could begin to count. I want the world to feel real to me so that I can share it with others. The more I know about it, the more flavor I can give to my stories about it, and I like a lot of flavor and spice, and what some call maddening levels of detail.

The world of the Realm wouldn’t be wholly foreign to us, size and gravity are very similar, temperatures are a bit milder, especially at the poles, but otherwise the physical world isn’t too surprising.

There are four major landmasses, the north and south poles both reside on continental land masses and two major masses lie between them, the Selnen and Walden continents. Plant and animal life are similar with a few species of each that would be foreign to us.

Dragons for example. This is a fantasy world after all, but one of the things I’ve worked hardest on is avoiding the pitfall of having fantasy creatures just for then sake of having them, I’ve tried to rationally explain the existence for them all and make them fit into the ecology of the world.

Similarly there is magic, but I try to avoid using magic as the cure-all for every problem. This isn’t a high magic world, if anything it is a world still coming to grips with its existence.

The interesting part will be seeing if a design zealot can buckle down and finish something, eventually you have to leave well enough alone, but the trick will be finally polishing a story into a series of books called Swords of the Realm.

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