Starting Over-ish

I’ve moved over most everything I think is worthwhile from my old blog, but not everything made the cut. I held this to last as I’ve moved to a new hosting plan and server and that meant a lot of work on the end that supports my photography and other endeavors, but I do have a soft spot for this, so I’ll try and do better at keeping it updated.

Here’s My original Announcement:

Finally wrapped up the main reconstruction of my web sites, and it was something of a process. That’s a good way to put it. 😉

So, I was under a very old hosting plan and the time came where I really had to upgrade. Our shop would no longer update due to host software limitations, and the old accounts were stuck on the oldest and slowest servers and we’d planned to make some upgrades around this time anyway.

They tried to interest me in “business hosting” and I pointed out that I had almost 5 times the disk space used up under my old plan than the business plans offered, I needed an unlimited plan. More on this later, but I got a new “unlimited” plan”

So, long story long… here we go!

The first 3 days were interesting. Day one was around 20 hours minus food , bathroom breaks, and pokemon go. Priorities. Went to bed around 10am, back up at 2, work, rinse, repeat for the next two days. Most of that was uploading pictures over an ftp link that wandered off now and then to follow a squirrel.

I got my two domains ( & moved, with a few hiccups on their end. This left me with two sites that were nothing but error messages, so for the time being I uploaded the original websites while I reworked them from scratch. Got the shop back online under a shiny new SSL certificate.

I uploading everything for the Red Zone, over 800k files and 250 gb of data, when I saw a strange little indicator that said I’d used almost a quarter of my available file space. WTF? So, yes, my disk space was unlimited, but I was only allowed 250,000 files. Did some research and sure enough, the small print taketh away. This called for a whole new gallery set up, because under word press every picture uploaded would create 3 thumbnails, so a convention with 5,000 pictures would mean 20,000 files…minimum.

So, I found a new gallery that doesn’t use thumbnails, it leaves a few shots looking a bit wonky in the albums until you click on them, but it is what it is and it works. In fact, it really streamlined my uploading process. There is a roughly 1,000 file limit per directory, and under the old wordpress setup this meant that I had to use some shaky plugins to move files from the default folder to a new one, and this ate up time. Now if I upload a shoot I have a folder it goes under, and I set my pictures in directories on my computer and upload the whole thing via ftp, synchronize and tag them and it’s all done. I can have an entire convention uploaded in the time it used to take me to create one entry and upload the pictures to it, and most conventions are 8-10 entries under the old system. So, win!

Then I set to work on the web pages, streamlining some things and adding new features (like a slideshow banner) and new pages as well. So things like my model tips, schedule, and rate sheet are now web pages instead of posts in wordpress, the schedule is now a simple matter of updating a txt file and sending it up and done.

I did also take down my fibromyalgia blog. Kinda upsetting, but all it was really getting me was thousands of spams a day and really dodgy offers to write articles for “miraculous treatments” that I’ve never tried for monetary offers that ranged from insulting to impressive. But, I don’t do that, unethical and pretty sure it’s illegal. Forwarded a few offers to the attorney general’s office, but never heard back from them.
So, there’s actually the short form, I don’t have the patience to type it all out, that’s more of an over a pot of coffee story anyway.

No TL:DR for you!

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